GIVE-19 invites us to come together (while apart) to support one another, those who are tackling the crises we face today and those who are shaping the world we want to live in tomorrow.


We now associate the number 19 with isolation, fear, and powerlessness. Let’s make the number 19 something we associate with community, hope, and action.


Our goal is to have more people impacted by GIVE-19 than COVID-19.


Please join us and GIVE-19 (minutes, dollars, drawings, cookies, etc.) to the people and organizations of your choice. GIVE-19 is not an organization that you give to; it is a movement that you are part of by giving of your time, your money, or your talents to those around you. 


Together, we can make this movement bigger than the virus. 


How will you GIVE-19? 


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